Unsolicited Marketing Text Messages To Your Cell Phone? You Have a Right To Money Damages

With the prevalence of cell phone use and text messaging in today’s culture, companies have identified text messages as an easy way to reach a large market of consumers. Many big name companies have adopted a marketing scheme of sending out large text message blasts to thousands of targeted consumers. When these text messages are sent without the receiving party’s consent, this is illegal and in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). The Telephone Consumer Protection Act is legislation that is part of a larger movement by federal regulators to rein in the abuses of big business. However, companies still engage in this illegal conduct because the benefits of reaching such a large group of consumers outweighs the costs of fines and damages they must pay out to some consumers as a result of their illegal activities. 

Unsolicited Text Message Advertising

Companies may send text messages advertising a certain product, service, or sale. Companies scan the Internet looking for the telephone numbers of possible customers. While some recipients ignore these texts, others read them and end up buying the product or service as a result of the text. Companies have found this method of advertising to be successful and lucrative. The text messages included under the TCPA legislation includes any that are meant to sell a product or service for a commercial purpose.

You May Be Entitled To Money if You Have Received Unsolicited Texts

The TCPA regulates unsolicited advertising text messages. The legislation includes a provision mandating money damages to recipients of these text messages. If you have received these unsolicited texts, you may be entitled to a minimum of $500 PER TEXT MESSAGE and could be entitled to as much as $1,500 PER TEXT MESSAGE. While these fines result in the recipient of the text messages being paid a substantial amount of money, especially because recipients usually receive numerous texts, many companies see these fines as the cost of doing business. While this form of advertising is illegal and the fines are costly to the company, they still gain more money by the sales that result from the text messages than they do by paying out fines to the text recipients.

An Experienced TCPA Attorney at Advocate Law Group Can Preserve Your Right To Money Damages

There are currently numerous class action lawsuits against many big name companies that are being litigated in courts across the country for unsolicited text message advertising. If you have received any of these unsolicited text messages, you may be able to recover money damages for these illegal activities. Only an experienced TCPA attorney can provide the necessary legal services to get you the money that you are entitled to.

The TCPA attorneys at Advocate Law Group have been on the forefront of TCPA litigation since it was voted into law by the government in 1991. Companies have sent out billions of these text messages in recent years. If you have received an unsolicited text message for a commercial advertising purpose, the experienced TCPA attorneys at Advocate Law Group can help you get the money you deserve under federal law.