What is an Auto Accident Claim?

What is an auto accident claim? 

Simply put, auto accident claims are the result of an accident that is reported to your insurance company. A claims adjuster (someone who works for the insurance company) will oversee the claims process and will be your primary contact. The adjuster will review your policy to determine:

  • what coverage you have
  • what coverage you don’t (exclusions)
  • policy limits that determine what the company will pay after your deductible is met (what you must pay before your policy kicks in).

Simple vs. complicated claims 

Simple claims, those where physical damage is minimal, fault is not at issue or medical treatment is minor, may only require you to inform your insurer, fill out a few forms and receive a check for your damages. In many simple claim situations, you may never actually meet with the adjuster in person. 

Complicated claims, those where physical damage is great, fault is at issue, extensive medical treatment is necessary or there are issues about policy coverage or settlement amounts, may require a bit more.