Low T Drug Makers Face Personal Injury Lawsuits

Medical studies indicate that testosterone supplement drugs may cause an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and death in middle aged and older men. Although the results are recent, medical professionals have been analyzing a possible connection between testosterone replacement and heart conditions for several years. With evidence suggesting the presence of serious health side effects coming to light, men who have used Low T drugs and experienced health complications may have cause to file legal action against the drug manufacturers for failing to warn patients of potential health risks when marketing the medication.

Lawsuits Filed against Low T Drug Makers

Pharmaceutical company AbbVie, maker of a treatment called AndroGel, has been named the defendant in five Low T lawsuits filed in federal court. Plaintiffs against AbbVie allege the company failed to provide adequate warning of the health risks associated with using testosterone replacement medication. Specifically, the lawsuits claim that drug makers placed profits above medical safety by:

  • Failing to adequately research a possible connection between testosterone treatment and heart risks
  • Recklessly, and aggressively, marketing Low T medication by promoting positive information about the drugs while downplaying health risks the companies knew about
  • Withholding information about the risks of Low T treatment from consumers and the medical community

Drug manufacturers, including AbbVie, have engineered an aggressive direct-to-consumer marketing campaign that some critics suggest has over-diagnosed testosterone deficiencies, pushing men towards Low T treatment unnecessarily. Lawsuits against Low T drug manufacturers will highlight the aggressive advertising campaigns and the lack of information that could warn potential users of the associated risks.

Low T Drugs to Know

Medication to provide testosterone rehabilitation treatment has flooded the drug market in recent years, and men who take any of the following drugs should be aware of the potential risk of heart attack or stroke:

  • AndroGel: One of the most widely used testosterone supplements, AndroGel is a spray on gel that has been marketed aggressively by manufacturer AbbVie, Inc. by way of direct-to-consumer advertisement.
  • AndroDerm: Androderm is a testosterone patch manufactured by Actavis
  • Axiron: A testosterone gel manufactured by Eli Lilly and Company
  • Bio-T Gel: An uncommon testosterone treatment gel first manufactured in 2010
  • Testim, Testopel, and Striant: Testim, a gel, Testopel, a testosterone pellet, and Strian, a drug applied to the gums, are manufactured and sold by Auxilium.
  • Depo-Testosterone: A testosterone injection made by Pfizer.
  • Delatestryl and Foresta: Delatestryl, an injection, and Foresta, a testosterone spray gel, are manufactured and sold by Endo Pharmaceuticals.

Men who are prescribed Low T medication can consult with physicians about the possible risks of undertaking testosterone replacement therapy before taking any of the above supplements.

Filing a Low T Lawsuit

If you or a male loved one has been a victim of a testosterone medication side effect, you may be entitled to recover medical expenses and generous financial compensation. Low T drug manufacturers have been aggressive in marketing a need for testosterone supplements, but the companies may be legally liable for injury because patients and physicians have been unaware of the risk of side effect until the publication of recent medical studies.