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An experienced professional of the Advocate Law Group Network will initially conduct a no-cost, no-obligation, review of the basic facts and circumstances. If your matter appears to meet our profile we will tell you and may ask for additional information. You will speak with a highly qualified attorney who will carefully evaluate the details and legal alternatives, with no cost and no obligations on your part. If you and we conclude the matter would be an appropriate case for Advocate Law Group Network to take on, you would enter into a written retainer agreement to enable us to proceed with representation of you.

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Before an attorney-client relationship can be established it is necessary to enter into a mutually acceptable written retainer agreement detailing the legal services to be provided by us and/or other members of the Advocate Law Group Network, what responsibilities we and/or other members of the Advocate Law Group Network and/or you bear, and full details as to legal fees and any costs involved. In cases involving a mass tort, a class action, or similar matters involving multiple claimants, individual claims may be combined with others for purposes of fact finding, trial and/or potential settlement.

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