Delayed and Denied Life Insurance Claims

Advocate Law Group P.C. helps people and businesses nationwide. Here’s how:

Insurance companies ultimately write the checks in the nearly all claim situations. That is where Advocate Law Group P.C. comes in, and how we can help you.

Whether your claim arises from an accident, or injuries or a death suffered from a defective product or harmful medicine, or if you are a victim of malpractice or other wrongful conduct, or had an insurance company deny you the insurance payment you are entitled to, you are nearly always dealing with an insurance company on the other side. That’s why you can benefit from having Advocate Law Group on your side.

Advocate Law Group P.C.’s founding attorneys Gerry Goldsholle and Bob Scott are nationally respected, top-rated lawyers who also are insurance law experts. Gerry was the President & CEO of an arm of Met Life Marketing Corporation, and Chief Brokerage Executive of Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, the nation’s largest insurance company. Bob has successfully battled insurance companies on behalf of individual consumers and business owners for decades. Both have been repeatedly recognized by their peers for excellence. Both have chaired numerous committees of the American Bar Association, the State Bar of California, and other major lawyer groups, and both have been recently honored by the State Bar of California for 20 years of service in leadership roles on a State Bar insurance committee.

The insurance companies know us, recognize we are serious attorneys and vigorous advocates, and know they can not push us around. Advocate Law Group’s attorneys and experts apply their decades of legal and insurance experience and insider’s knowledge to help people and businesses get everything they are entitled to recover, usually without the need to go to trial, as we are selective in the cases we take on and the insurance companies know we can and will go to trial if they do not treat our clients properly.

Our lawyers and experts typically handle the critical insurance aspects of each case, and work with the top-rated lawyers in every state who are part of our Advocate Law Group’s national network to handle the other important aspects of each case. Our clients essentially get two top-rated law firms for the price of one – and we’re generally paid only from the recovery we help our clients obtain.

Contact Advocate Law Group now to learn if you can benefit from our decades of experience, and if we can help you recover all the benefits they you entitled to from your own insurance company, and all the damages you are entitled to from the insurance company of the person, firm, or agency responsible for the harm you or your family suffered as a result of someone else’s wrongful or improper conduct.