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How Life Insurance Attorneys Help

Having an experienced team of life insurance attorneys on your side will enable you to protect your rights, bolster your case, and even the odds against the insurance company’s lawyers.

Let the Life Insurance Attorneys at Advocate Law Group Help You

If you feel that your life insurance claim was unjustly denied, you do have options. While it is sometimes possible to negotiate a settlement on your own with the insurance company, this may lead to a much lower payout than you deserve, if you get anything at all. The details of settling a life insurance claim can overwhelm anyone, particularly someone who is grieving a loved one. The life insurance attorneys at Advocate Law Group can be a valuable asset in navigating the process and leveling the playing field.

  • We help people recover money for their life insurance claims.
  • Our life insurance attorneys and staff have decades of experience fighting denied insurance claims.
  • We work with leading insurance law firms throughout California and nationwide.

At Advocate Law Group, our life insurance lawyers know how to sift through any confusing procedures, and what questions to ask to get the information necessary to defend your denied life insurance claim. Our life insurance attorneys know how to read your contract, how to keep the pressure on the life insurance company, and when and how to pursue the proper legal action.

We understand how insurance companies operate. Our life insurance lawyers and staff have decades of experience dealing with insurance companies. We know the tactics they use, how to stop them from playing games and how to get results for our clients – whether through settlement or litigation.

How Does Advocate Law Group And Its Network Work?

An experienced professional from Advocate Law Group Network will initially conduct a no-cost, no-obligation review of the basic facts and circumstances of your claim. If your matter appears to meet our profile we will tell you and may ask for additional information. You will speak with a highly qualified life insurance attorney who will carefully evaluate the details and legal alternatives, with no cost and no obligations on your part.

If together we mutually conclude the matter would be an appropriate case for Advocate Law Group to take on, you would enter into a written retainer agreement to enable us to proceed with representation of you.

What About Upfront Legal Fees?

We handle nearly every case on a contingency fee basis. This means there is no upfront legal fee. There is no pre-payment of the expense we incur to investigate your claim or prosecute your case (except where and to the extent required by your State’s law or ethical rules). Our legal fees are paid exclusively from the funds we help you recover. The legal fee for having both Advocate Law Group and your local member of our network involved is never higher than you would pay the local network life insurance attorney alone. In other words, you are getting the benefit of TWO top-rated law firms, including Advocate’s extensive life insurance experience, at no extra cost.

Are All Cases Accepted?

Sometimes, a case just isn’t a good fit. We carefully control our caseload so we can avoid conflicts of interest and we can give cases the attention they deserve. We do not take every case – even every good case – that comes along. We consider time pressures, the availability of evidence and other proof, the nature and extent of the injuries and damages, and whether the wrongdoer likely would have sufficient insurance or resources and funds to pay appropriate damages. Accordingly, we feel better able to achieve outstanding results on the cases we accept. If your matter is not within our profile, we will let you know so that you can consult another lawyer or law firm as there may be critical time deadlines, and failure to act within those deadlines can jeopardize, or eliminate, your rights to any recovery.

Having an experienced team of life insurance attorneys on your side will enable you to protect your rights, bolster your case, and even the odds against the insurance company’s lawyers. That is where Advocate Law Group can help.

If you or a family member has had a life insurance claim denied or delayed, you want Advocate Law Group on your side.



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