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If an Insurer or Benefit Plan won’t pay ...

Have you fallen into the Insurance Deny/Delay/Bad Faith Trap? Or is Lloyds or an Employer Benefit Plan denying a major claim?

You’ve had a significant loss in your life, involving hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions of dollars, and all your thoughts are … How can I get my life back together?

Unfortunately, the insurance company folks – and their counterparts at your benefit plan or Lloyds – are thinking … How can I pay these people as little as possible or nothing at all?

Breaking News

Advocate Law Group and its Co-Counsel have filed a Class Action complaint against the National Football League (NFL) Player Disability & Survivor Benefit Plan. The complaint, filed on behalf of ten former NFL players, alleges that the plan consistently denied claims in a continuing effort “to limit the payment of benefits to the very Players whom the plan was designed to help.”
NFL Player Disability Plan Complaint


Advocate Law Group P.C.

If you’ve been caught up in the insurance deny/delay/bad faith trap, you don’t have to fight the insurance company or benefit plan and their army of lawyers all by yourself. Add Advocate Law Group P.C. to your team,  along with our national and international Advocate Law Group Network. When the insurance agent sold you the policy, or the job provided major benefits, it really sounded simple. You pay the premiums, and if anything ever happens, you’ll be covered, and the insurance company or benefit plan will make you whole. You might even have had a small claim, and they paid it right away, reassuring you that everything was just fine. But now you’ve suffered a catastrophe involving hundreds of thousands of dollars, or more, and the expected payment from the insurance company or benefit plan you counted on and desperately need to begin to help you put your life or business back together isn’t coming. And, the response from the insurance company or benefit plan? Delay, Deny, Delay, Low Ball, and on and on.

It's time to fight back!

And to even the odds, you need an Advocate on your side. An Advocate that knows the laws and knows how insurance companies, Lloyds, and benefit plans operate and what makes them tick and pay. An Advocate who will go after the insurance company or benefit plan wherever in the world it is located. An Advocate who has decades of experience in fighting for policyholders and clients like you. An Advocate that will stay with you every step of the way until you receive the recovery you are entitled to.

Advocate Law Group P.C.

Our Team

Senior Partner

With experience as a prosecutor for the SEC and several decades of “insider” knowledge gained in the General Counsel’s Office and as a President & CEO of part of MetLife® — one of the world’s largest insurance companies and employee benefit plan administrators — Gerry is uniquely qualified to assist our clients in obtaining the favorable results they seek for the damages they have suffered.

Senior Partner

A well-known and distinguished trial attorney, Bob brings an outstanding “track record” of success in representing clients — including business executives, professional athletes and celebrities — in all aspects of insurance and benefit plan litigation, including experience as lead counsel in nationwide bad faith class actions against major insurers.  

Why Choose Advocate Law Group P.C. & the Advocate Law Group Network?

The path to obtaining the recovery you are entitled to begins with a single step. You simply contact us by the method most convenient for you (phone, email, text, or chat )and tell us a little bit about yourself and the conflict you are currently facing. One of our legal professionals will contact you as soon as possible. We assist clients nationwide. Although headquartered in California, we’ve a presence in Arizona and New York, and throughout the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Mexico, and other countries, in association with locally licensed members of our Advocate Law Group Network.
Our firm and its lawyers, assisted as needed by member law firms of the Advocate Law Group Network, have a decades-long proven track record of successfully obtaining substantial recoveries for our clients. We are not afraid to go against the world’s major insurance companies and benefits plans and their armies of lawyers. We focus on establishing meaningful relationships with our clients and seeking fair, fast, and substantial results for them.

Our Practice Areas

At Advocate Law Group, we handle significant insurance and benefit plan disputes - nationally and internationally.

If your insurance company or benefit plan fails to recognize your substantial claim’s validity or attempts to devalue your payout significantly, we can step in to hold the insurance company or benefit plan accountable. In some cases, the insurance company, benefit plan or its adjusters and lawyers may be misleading you, committing fraud, or outright failing to fulfill its contractual obligations concerning these and other types of matters:

Life Insurance & Annuities

Every year, tens of thousands of life insurance claims are denied by insurers who withhold hundreds of millions of dollars from beneficiaries.

Disability & Long Term Care

Insurance companies make a fortune selling these policies, but all too often, they unjustly deny claims and refuse to pay when policyholders need them most. Employer benefit plans, including plans for professional athletes, routinely and illegally deny or devalue legitimate claims involving hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Medical Malpractice

In the high stakes world of medicine, mistakes, poor decisions, and other failures can lead to serious complications, injuries, and even death.

Travel & Accident

The Advocate Law Group Network has recently seen more and more cases of insurance companies engaging in bad faith practices to deny hundreds of thousands of dollars of valid claims under travel and accident insurance policies.

Fire, Wildfires & Homeowners

Every year, fires and other natural disasters wreak havoc upon hundreds of thousands of American’s homes and businesses. Yet the firms responsible for the damage, and their insurance companies, routinely deny or devalue such claims.

Insurance Bad Faith & Reinsurance

Even at the best insurers, including Lloyds, many people find themselves in situations where their insurer is not fulfilling its contractual obligations to pay out the benefits it owes.

Dangerous Drugs

Despite having to go through governmental approval processes, a CDC study estimated that dangerous drugs kill over 40,000 Americans every year.

Defective Medical Devices

Although some modern medical devices help patients improve their quality of life, many others prove to be defective and can cause serious harm, permanent injury, and even death.

Class Actions / Mass Torts

In both class actions and mass torts, a large number of people typically have been harmed by the same thing – a dangerous drug, a defective consumer product, etc.

We Can Help!

Advocate Law Group P.C., together with Member attorneys of the Advocate Law Group Network in your area, is currently available for cases in most practice areas in most states.

Have a Question?


We are here to help you 7 days a week and respond within 24 hours. Plus, you can find many answers to your questions right on this page.

Yes, we are a real, active law firm licensed to practice with offices in Northern and Southern California with a presence in New York. If your case is right for us, and we are right for you, we can handle your case from start to finish.

Absolutely not. We will stay with you until your case is resolved. We monitor your case, work with the other law firms in the Advocate Law Group Network on insurance and benefit related issues and other matters as needed, and you can always contact us directly about your case.
On most matters we handle you’ll pay no legal fees or expenses except out of the recovery we help you obtain. While attorney’s fees are often open to negotiation, our fees, and the fees charged by member firms in the Advocate Law Group Network, will always fully comply with the laws in your State. Most importantly, the legal fees you pay from the recovery we obtain for you will never be increased because receive the benefit of having 2 or more top rated law firms working on your behalf.  
If you have a major lawsuit or benefit claim, where tens of thousands to millions of dollars of damages may be at stake, it is almost 100% certain that an insurance company or benefit plan – and their defense attorneys – will be on the other side, trying to keep you from recovering all you are entitled to. That is where Advocate Law Group P.C. really shines; we know insurance companies and benefit plans from the inside out. We are experts at fighting their delay and bullying tactics and getting you the money damages you deserve.
 First, the Advocate Law Group Network is an established network of top-rated and respected law firms throughout the United States that we work with regularly. Second, our lawyers are very active in Bar Association and legal activities and have chaired numerous Bar and Legal committees and seminars throughout the United States and internationally. Advocate Law Group P.C. also benefits from its long-standing relationship with the pioneering online legal website and with thousands of attorneys and law firms throughout North America.

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The attorneys in the Advocate Law Group network bring decades of real-world experience in both law and insurance.



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