About Advocate Law Group

If you are covered by insurance, you are entitled to your insurance benefits. You buy insurance to protect yourself and those you care about from financial harm. If a covered event occurs, you are entitled to be paid all the benefits the insurer agreed to provide — promptly and fully. Whether your policy is for individual life insurance, employer provided group life insurance, individual or group disability insurance, homeowners insurance, business insurance, or flood insurance, if the covered event occurs, payment should be made. Yet there are some “outlaw” insurance companies that make it a practice of wrongfully denying claims and cutting benefits off prematurely, or haggling over every nickel. Even some otherwise “good” companies have over-zealous claims people or greedy managers who are trying to help make a name for themselves or boost the company’s profits at the expense of treating policyholders fairly. That’s where Advocate Law Group comes in. If you or a family member was injured the last thing you want is to have whoever caused the injury, or its insurance company, injure you again by cheating you out of the recovery to which you are entitled. Insurance companies recognize the real costs and damages you’ve incurred. They understand what those costs and damages are likely to amount to over the years. The insurance companies also have batteries of claims adjusters and lawyers whose job it is to save the insurance company money. Without the right law firm on your side you may be injured again–this time by being cheated of the benefits and the payment for damages to which you are entitled. You deserve to be compensated fairly and fully. Selecting the right law firm is difficult. How do you know what lawyer or law firm you should choose to represent you? How do you find a law firm who will work hard for you, and get you the recovery you are entitled to, without hassle, so that you’re not taken advantage of by the party that injured you, or by its insurance company? Few law firms have the insurance knowledge and experience to get you the best result. You want a law firm that will listen, understand you, treat you with respect, keep you informed, and fight hard for you. You want a law firm that knows insurance and insurance companies, with experience in handling matters like yours, and who represents people like you. You want a law firm that puts your interests first, not the interests of an insurance company, and is free from actual and potential conflicts of interest. You want a law firm that will not be a pushover for the big insurance companies. That’s where we come in. We are insurance law experts and have professional relationships with many leading lawyers and law firms in important practice specialties nationwide. We work with them to help get our shared clients the optimal results. Unlike many law firms, we don’t try to handle all types of cases using our own staff of lawyers all over the place. Nor do we simply refer cases out to other lawyers and hope they do their best and say goodbye. We won’t do that. We are there for you. We are Advocate Law Group on your side.

Our Attorneys and Staff

Gerry has decades of insider’s knowledge of the insurance industry gained as an Assistant General Counsel, business executive, and CEO of an arm of MetLife®, the nation’s largest insurance company, and as a consultant to numerous insurance companies. As an attorney he also served as a prosecutor with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, practiced law with top ranked firms in New York and San Francisco, and chaired numerous committees and subcommittees of the American Bar Association, the New York City Bar Association, and the State Bar of California. Gerry has served as an insurance expert for the US Department of Justice, the SEC and the IRS, has been a frequent speaker for legal and insurance organizations. He uses his deep and intimate knowledge of insurance company practices and insurance law to help Advocate’s clients. He graduated with honors from the College of William & Mary and from Columbia Law School and did post-graduate work in business and liberal arts at Stanford University. Gerry is licensed as an attorney in New York and California.  READ MORE

Bob has practiced law in California for over 30 years and is a distinguished trial attorney with expertise in all aspects of bad faith insurance litigation, including serving as lead counsel in a major nationwide class action suit against a national insurance company. On behalf of his clients, Bob has obtained substantial arbitration awards, multi-million dollar judgments, favorable appellate decisions, and major out-of-court settlements. Bob graduated from the United States International University, and California Western School of Law, where he served on the Board of Trustees. Bob served three terms as Chair of the State Bar of California’s Group Insurance Programs Committee and is currently chair of its Disability Insurance subcommittee. A frequent speaker on insurance law, he has also chaired committees and subcommittees of the American Bar Association and the Consumer Attorneys of California. Bob has also been a special prosecutor for the California State Bar. READ MORE

Donice Price is Manager of Client Intake for Advocate and has decades of experience assisting consumers while working with Robert K. Scott Esq., a founding member of Advocate.